Three Important Office Cleaning Services to Help Survive the Winter


While nature slows down during the winter season, work doesn’t. That’s why your office gets full of snow, moisture, dirt, and all sorts of debris. That’s why you need a professional cleaning service to keep your workspace clean and usable. You can search for “cleaning services near me” and hire a reputed cleaning company near you. Let’s check out the three important office cleaning services to help survive the winter:

The Services

  • Floor Cleaning – The office floor gets filthy with mud, sand, rock, moisture, salt, and all kinds of other things people carry under their shoes. When this combination of debris assaults the finish of your floor, it can get dull, lose some of its texture, and accumulate stains. It can also make the floors more slippery and unhygienic, leading to workplace injuries and sickness. That’s why floor cleaning is very important in the snowy season.

Commercial cleaning companies can clean all kinds of floors. Everything from vinyl to stone, wood, concrete, and even ceramic. If your office floors are made of sheet vinyl or composite vinyl tile, it’s highly porous. While that’s great for grip, it can easily absorb stains and solvents. A commercial cleaning company can clean it regularly under a contract or restore the dull floor to its former glory and seal and re-apply the finish.

If you have floors made of natural marble it can get easily scratched by sand particles. On the other hand, granite is hard and durable but prone to stains due to its porous surface. That’s why they need to be cleaned regularly and sealed properly by a cleaning company within a certain period. You’re lucky if your office floor is made of slate since it’s less resistant to wear and tear and maintains its finish as long as it’s finished and sealed periodically.

Office floors made of ceramic tiles are low maintenance but need regular cleaning and need to be deep cleaned periodically. If you have concrete flooring, you’re in luck since it’s the easiest to maintain and can also be refinished any way you want. For wood floors, the services of a cleaning company are essential since any stain or dirt on the wood floor really stands out.

  • Carpet Cleaning – Whether you have carpets laid out in certain sections of the office or have complete rooms with soft flooring, carpets can get filthier than hard flooring. During the winter season even if everyone follows the policy of rubbing out their shoes on the entrance mat, keeping the carpet clean is a challenge. That’s where a commercial cleaning company can help.

For carpet cleaning, most commercial cleaning companies would opt for the hot water extraction method. They use a machine to force the hot water into carpet fibers and then suck it out along with the dirt. Hot water doesn’t just loosen dirt and debris, it also leaves the carpet warm and makes it dry quickly. The water used for cleaning is searing hot and the machine has a strong enough suction force to completely suck out the loosened dirt, hot water, and steam. Sometimes detergents may be added along with the hot water.

While the hot water extraction method is effective, it can’t be used to clean carpets with delicate fibers. Instead cleaning companies use the oldest trick in the book to clean delicate fibers – shampooing. A cleaning solution is poured into the carpet and a motorized brush is used to rub it into the carpet fibers. After that, the solution is left to dry off, become hard and brittle, and separate from the carpet along with the dirt. All that is sucked up by a vacuum.

Dry cleaning is a unique method of carpet cleaning where no water is used during the cleaning process. Instead, a cleaning solution is sprinkled on the carpet and spread with a mechanized brush. The solution quickly dissolves dirt from the deepest part of the carpet fibers, and it’s all sucked out with a commercial-grade heavy-duty vacuum cleaner. There’s also bonnet cleaning where a cleaning solution along with carbonated water is used to loosen dirt on the carpets. After that, a circular bonnet is run over the carpet.

  • Window Cleaning – While life takes a slow and relaxed pace during the winter, nature becomes more violent and builds up snow, dirt, and sand on your office windows. If the windows are near the street, they are also splashed with the salt used on the road to melt away the snow. While snow seems harmless on glass, it can quickly bring down the overall temperature of your office and increase your energy consumption.

That’s why you need office cleaning services from a commercial cleaning company. They start the cleaning process with the dirt and snow build-up. They may use brushes and other tools for this purpose. After getting rid of the snow build-up, they use commercial cleaning solutions with warm water and spray the windows or sponge them down. They are also careful to not allow cleaning solutions to hit paint or other such surfaces.

After that, they clean the windows with a squeegee, cleaning blade, and similar tools to get rid of the cleaning solution along with the remaining dirt. Finally, they remove any excess moisture on the glass with a microfiber cloth. After cleaning all traces of moisture, the glass is buffed. When your windows get buffed with wax, they look shiny, inviting, and premium. If your office space is used for client meets, then it’s a good way of making an impression.

Moreover, buffing also protects the windows for the rest of the day from moisture, dirt, and debris as long as there are no drastic weather changes. Buffing also removes hard water stains with ease.


Your office has three major spaces that need to be cleaned – floor, windows, and carpets. A commercial cleaning service can help you achieve that without breaking the bank. Search for “cleaning services near me” to hire the services of a reputed cleaning company near you.

Infographic created by Cascade Building Services, Offering Commercial Janitorial Services Portland, OR