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Top 4 Rules That Govern Domestic Maid Agency In Singapore

To ensure that every detail of your domestic life goes smoothly, as you juggle your business and work engagements, domestic maids are a great resource. You can simply walk into a domestic maid agency in Singapore and get yourself a house help. This will relieve the pressure of balancing your life between work and home.

The Singapore authorities have set up regulations for the agencies providing the service and below are the top four rules that govern them.

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Willing workers from a good maid agency

The Ministry of Manpower in Singapore categorically states that a domestic helper agency Singapore shall not induce, assist or cause a foreign employee to enter Singapore in search of employment. This is unless the employer has the respect and trust of the said employee. The agency is also required to issue a work permit to the foreign domestic worker.

Work permit

Many of the domestic maid agencies have foreign workers and the rules require having a work permit. According to Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower, a foreign domestic work cannot do part-time work give she is in a full-time employment arrangement. The rules also make it mandatory that the domestic maid agency deploys the worker to perform domestic chores in the residential address stated on the work permit only.

Identification documents

It is a common concept that foreign workers leave their identification documents with the maid agency. The law requires that unless the agency or licensee has a reasonable excuse, the agency must return the documents as soon as is practicable after placing the maid in employment.

Change of business location

A maid agency Singapore falls under employment agencies and the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore, and it is a requirement that they make public any changes to their location of business. The agencies should report to the Commissioner via a digital application service. The details should include, the address if the location and every branch, within a week of starting operations in the new location.

The above are the four fundamental rules that govern the domestic maid agencies in Singapore. The maid agency deserves as much blame as the maid for the inadequacies of the maid.