Utilize The Solar Energy And Stay Cool

The invention of the portable and solar air conditioners is one of the most interesting as well as creative inventions ever. The air conditioner runs with the help of solar energy and this not only saves the high electricity bill but it also does not add on to the global warming. Several companies are trying their level best to build up this kind of air conditioners at an affordable price so that people can opt for this option and also lessen the amount of pollution that are caused because of it.

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How do they work?

These solar power mobile air conditioners are powered by a 170 watt of the solar panel. This system works like the normal air conditioners and it runs via a battery bank during the evening or rather whenever the sun is not shining. But when the sun shines and it is a bright sunny day, it works with the help of solar power only. These environment friendly mobile conditioners usually come on wheels so that one can easily take it from one place to the other in the house.

Curtail your electricity bills of air conditioners in Singapore

The developers combine the evacuated thermal tube collectors to a heated water absorption chiller. The entire unit puts in the solar heated water, which gradually releases the cool air. Although the solar portable aircons do not function at night, but it gives its best during the hot and sultry day.  The solar air conditioner helps to save a lot on the electricity bills.

If all the malls, the houses, the industries and everyone go for the solar powered portable aircon, then it will be with the great help of the solar system. This will lessen the global warming at least to a certain extent. This should also be done for better future of the next generations. These are far better in every aspect in comparison to the normal air conditioners.