Wall bracket: the hit or miss

Wall brackets are the all too familiar things that you see these days for most TV owners who prefers to have their TVs hung.

With flexibility of televisions nowadays hanging it with a mount is much more common, it’s the new norm for televisions. It makes more room for other things, it’s more pleasant to look at for some, can’t be reached by toddlers and can be put in places that you can’t do with a TV rack which is in the very corner of the room. In the ceiling and many hard to reach areas that for some reason you want to put your TV in it.

The common set-up of wall bracket

Most people in Singapore live in flats and with flats you don’t get to have that space that you are looking for so wall brackets are perfect for those spaces that you need to save for something more important. Speakers can be attached to the wall as well so no need to worry on that too!

The problem

For those people who tried doing the “handy man”, we all know it’s a hit or miss when attaching the bracket, if you get it right your blessed, if you don’t get it right, you bored a hole on your wall plus you get a TV that’s not straight and bent sideways. So you try to fix it and either you make it right or you do some more damage.

TVs have installation instructions if they have brackets with the TV, but we all know some has no clear instructions and if that unclear instruction gets to be used by a novice at this kind of thing, that will be an appetite for destruction.

For the people that had a bracket, shoved it aside long with the manuals and bubble wraps but decided later on to put the bracket and not when the install guy where there to set up the TV, for the people who want’s their TV that doesn’t have a bracket in it and bought one just for it. If you are very confident and you know what you are doing then proceed at will.

If you don’t know anything about installing a bracket because it’s not your skillset then call Tiger Mount instead to help you. They have the best people that can help you with your wall bracket needs and all it takes is a dial on your phone.