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Why Should You Prefer Living in a Condo?

Many homeowners love the suburbs, while others love a condo near downtown. Yes, apartments and townhouse living have their own advantages, no matter if there is a noisy resident or a special fee paid for maintenance issues. No matter what the housing types, there are endless issues in every one of them. But on the bright side, the advantages will always keep your preferences ideal.

Here are the advantages of living in Parc clematis psf condo homes:

  1. Price or location

When you compare the price of an average suburban single family home to an inner city two level suite on a concrete apartment tower with many outdoor spaces and a downtown view, you will have everything within your budget and all the amenities nearby.

  1. No commuting

Many condo units or townhouse owners can afford to live nearby the inner city employment than the house owners. For people residing adjacent to the downtown, the rush hour is a stroll down the street. Marketing conducted by condo builders is playing on the avoidance of long, tedious and expensive transit.

  1. Shared expenses

Homeowners denounce the condo contributions on a monthly basis, and they are just merely the same expenditure that homeowners face when calculated in total. When you pay to a condo company, it pays for heating, water or sewer, hot water as well as the ventilation. And you don’t have to look after the lawn as well. All is being taken care of.

  1. Investment value

With all the hard earned money you saved with not purchasing a home in the posh location, you decided to buy a second suite and rented it out, this is probably the best decision you can make. Condo units tend to appreciate in value just like the single family homes. They have the land value as they sit on the land and it is denser than the few houses per acre. In other words, you can be richer as a condo buyer than limiting yourself to houses.