House Maids

The Top Services of a Cambodian Maid Agency

These days, seeking for house help can get frustrating. There’s no certainty of how long one helper can stay and this is why it’s necessary to look for a Cambodian Maid Agency. As you look for your go-to provider, it would be practical to know the top services by which a Cambodian Maid Agency can provide.

Here are just some of what you can expect from a top provider of a Cambodian Mad Agency

  • Screening and supply of foreign domestic helpers

Your prospective Cambodian Maid Agency must have various methods to make sure the candidates are accordingly screened towards achieving a win-win situation. For instance, a top agency would have a counterpart screener to personally interview the applicants in their native countries. Another way to screen their applicants would be via telecommunication. If personal interviews are possible, the Cambodian Maid Agency would make the effort to screen the prospective maids themselves.

  • Renewal of Work Permit, Passport and documentation of home leaves

Your potential Cambodian Maid Agency must make sure the maid you’re hiring would have complete documentation. A well-documented set of certificates can make sure you will not be hassled by any legalities concerning your maid’s eligibility to work in the country and in your household. This type of service will be provided with a corresponding, reasonable fee.

  • Air ticket arrangements

In the middle of your busy schedule, you’ll probably need to have an expert to assist you with the documents and transactions related to your maid’s ticket arrangements. This is where your Cambodian Maid Agency would be helpful. This is applicable whether your maid will be going home for a holiday, or the helper chooses to go home for good. This service should also include a contract cancellation.

  • Consultation throughout the contract’s term

It’s understandable how adjustments need to be made when a new maid is brought in to your household. This is why your potential Cambodian Maid Agency must also have counseling services, so you’ll learn some tips in handling new situations. The agency must also have the goal of establishing harmony in your household so you’ll find long-term convenience in having availed the agency’s services.

There are a lot of other services which you must look for as you consider having a go-to Cambodian Maid Agency. Be sure to look through your options, so you’ll know about the package to ask when it’s time to seek for a new helper.